2cv World meeting Croatia
The goal for creating this forum, was to enable us to prepare join activities 100% for us.
The first event to prepare is, of course, the 2019 2cv world meeting in Croatia.

Before asking yourself Why ? What ? or "Is it worth ?", go and enjoye the presentation :  Croatia 2CV 2019
The organization site of the event is : https://www.2cv.hr/en/

What we suggest is to run there together, via Munich and the Austrian Alps.  Participating one day or one week to the event, the raids and the technical/social gatherings, according with your desires.  This forum is THE place to cooperate all together for a superb and unforgettable BOB trip.

Let's talk, exchange, suggest, propose together.  For sure, it's gonna be Xtra.
Pierre Ghyoot
+32 477 653 533

The very idea of driving in a group of  Burtons across Europe is very appealling Smile

If we manage to get a small group together and travel at least on the way in together, we're in! We would drive from Luxembourg, barely 1.000 km Smile

We don't have many preferences for activities on the spot, but we'd rather sleep 'comfortably' so preferraby no camping (or at least, not every day).

Who else is in?